A Community Church for All people!

Welcome to New Hope Church. Thank you for stopping by our website but we do hope you visit us in person. If we had to describe what you would experience during your visit two words come to mind.

The first word is family. You would see a family that lives out our faith in Jesus as we care for and support one another. You will see men gathering to encourage and build each other up. You will see women fellowshipping as they encourage and support one another. You will see kids coming together having fun and learning more about Jesus and living out their faith. You will see seniors coming together for different activities. You will see people walking alongside each other and sharing life together as we care for and support each other. In essence, you will see a loving family.

The second word is compassion. Compassion for others in this world as we demonstrate the love God has for them through our actions. You will see a food pantry that provides food for those in need. You will see people walking through Albany parks passing out food and supplies to the homeless. You will see people gathering school supplies and toys throughout the year to bless families as their kids return to school and celebrate Christmas. You will see a church building hosting different community events from American Red Cross blood drives to English as A Second Language adult classes. In essence, you will see a church who constantly tries to show love to our community through our actions and words.

What has been described with only two words is just a small glimpse into what you will see at New Hope Church. It is just one of the reasons why you should visit us out of all of the churches in Albany, NY. We do hope you stop by in person and eventually join us as we strive to build God’s people one at a time with His love, with His Word and in our actions. God bless.

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