A Church Building God’s People

As a church we start with the question how can we ensure discipleship is woven through the fabric of our church body. We started answering this question by reflecting on the vision for New Hope Church - building God’s people one at a time. We asked ourselves if we walked into a church that was building God’s people one at a time what would we see. Below are the descriptions of what this church would look like.

  • One on One Relationships (inside and outside the church building)
  • People Doing Life Together
    • Knowing what’s going on in each other lives
    • Walking alongside each other
    • Encouraging each other
  • Teaching and Mentoring
    • Sharing knowledge with each other
    • Sharing resources with each other
  • People Demonstrating their Faith
    • Believe in power of prayer
    • Know Gospel message
    • If anyone walks into church, they will find kindness and when they leave the see the same kindness outside of the church building
    • People reflecting Christ in personal life that easily translates to others in their daily lives.
  • Unity (everyone united and intergenerational)
  • Engaged
  • Anointing
  • Growing In All Areas
  • Church Is Like Home
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Joyful People
  • Caring
What Church Building Gods People Looks Like

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