New Hope Church’s Discipleship Methods

The word method is defined as a process for attaining an object. So, discipleship methods are the processes for attaining the different stages’ competencies in the discipleship pathway. We decided on what methods we would use as a church to help our local body continue growing into disciples. We organized the methods into core and complementary methods. Core methods are the activities one should be involved in to continue maturing as a disciple. Complementary methods are the activities helping people grow in certain areas.

Core Discipleship Methods

  • Prayer
  • Sunday Service
  • Small Groups
  • One on One Teaching
  • Youth Ministry (with Intergenerational Opportunities)
  • Community Outreach
  • Family Time (fellowship events)

Complementary Discipleship Methods

  • Lead Pastor Open Office
  • Hospitality (Opening Home and Doing Life Together)
  • Testimonies
  • Outlets (Giving People Chance to Put Faith into Practice)
  • Men’s Ministry (Connecting Each Other)
  • Women’s Ministry (Connecting Each Other)

Discipleship Methods Worksheet

We developed and maintain a worksheet to assist us as we evaluate each method. The evaluation includes implementing or improving the method as well as identifying areas to monitor for overseeing the method as we move forward. We are not publishing our completed methods’ worksheets, but we are sharing the questions we worked through for each method.

  • Identify Method’s Purpose:
  • Frequency (How often – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Estimated Start and Stop Times
  • Guidelines (N/A, typical format, requirements, etc…)
  • Needed Resources
  • How to Implement
  • How Can People Participate or How Can We Get More People Involved
  • How Is or Will It Be Advertised
  • How Will It Be Evaluated Going Forward

Discipleship Methods Scheduling

One of the challenges many churches face is trying to balance people’s time commitments in the church. At times churches have so many events it results in ministries competing against each other as people are forced to pick and choose what they can be a part of. At other times people are so busy being involved with church events it leaves them with very little time to disciple others. To address this challenge, we mapped out on a calendar the months and weeks where each method falls for the upcoming year. This helps us to be better stewards of people’s time as we try to build each other up. The image below shows one month example of this scheduling.

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